Hey lovelies! I'm Jinny.I reblog alot of food, fashion, luxury and everything that I may find pretty.
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What is your food blog?


Will you follow back?


Check out my blog?

Sure! if I like it I will follow

How many followers do you have? 

4 digits, If you ask nicely off anon I will tell you.

How many blogs are you following?

500+ It changes

Why did you unfollow me?

you posted porn, you were not following back or you unfollowed  me. (btw I have the unfollower tracker)

Who made your icon??


Promo for promo??

Sure but only if we are following each other and you must have atleast 1.5k followers unless I post otherwise

Can you promote my blog?

Don’t even ask this only promo for promo ^^

Double promo? 

Maybe and only if you have 1.5k+ followers. I might say no depending if I feel like it.

Promo game, first 5 to like…?

no sorry

Rate my blog?

Not on demand but I often rate blogs though.

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